Insurrecto Barbell Club at the 2017 HDWOC

As the dust settles, and our box has been able to review and look at what we have accomplished, we can’t help but feel intense pride and joy with what our athletes have achieved! We came in the 1st ever Hidilyn Diaz Weightlifting Open Championships with very low expectations. Hoping simply to gain valuable experience, and keep learning from this adventure; instead we achieved the unlikely, bagging 2 bronze medals! Pitted against very tough and experienced athletes, our Insurrectos did not relent!

Congratulations to Janet Chen, who won 3rd place (bronze) in the Women’s 53kg division! She had a rocky start missing the last 2 snatch attempts, but still finishing in 4th place after the snatch category. In the clean and jerk portion, Janet opened with a 53kg lift, and then finished with a 55kg lift that sealed her 3rd place spot in the podium. She finished with a 97kg total, getting 3 out of 6 for the event. Amazing, considering there were 9 lifters in all in the division and most of the other competitors had months and years of experience over her.

Our 2nd medal winner was Justine Talamayan, who finished 3rd place (bronze) in the Women’s 69kg division. Justine built a 7kg lead in the snatch portion between her and the next lifter below, from there, it was smooth sailing to the clean and jerk portion. She finished with a 109kg total, with an 11kg lead from the next lifter.

Special mention goes to the rest of the Insurrecto team, Coach Gian Mercado (7th place), Carlos Gana (10th place), Gene Paul De Guzman (13th place), Karla Madamba (9th place), Andrew Tran (7th place), Loye Clamor (7th place), Kebong Catbagan (10th place).

Lastly, we want to thank Coach Richard “Pep” Agosto for leading our Insurrecto Weightlifting team to such impressive feats that day. Some broke PRs, some broke out of their comfort zone, and everyone inspired our community by what they did.

If you’re interested in joining the Insurrecto Barbell Club, feel free to send us a message. Together, we will fight for a fitter Philippines!